Go! Products

Come into any of our participating Go! Stores and try our variety of snacks and beverages. Count on flavour and value anytime you’re on the go and need to satisfy your hunger or quench your thirst.

Coffee 2 Go

Coffee 2 Go!

A cup’a joe. Taste the fresh rich brew any time on the go!

12oz, 16oz

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H2Go Water

H2Go! Spring Water

The original thirst quencher. Pure spring water!

500ml, 1l, 4l


bites2go! Candy

Yummy candy to satisfy that little sugar craving.

bites2go popcorn

bites2go! Popcorn

Made on site fresh daily. Perfect for movie night or a snack any time!

Go!a Lemon-Lime

Go!a Sodas

A thirst quenching combo of flavours!


Go!a Lemon-Lime

Go Cuisine

Sandwiches to satisfy any hunger.

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